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PhaZZer® DVR Keychain

PhaZZer® DVR Keychain

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High quality full motion video with audio from your car keys.

The DVR keychain has a built in 1.3 megapixel hidden camera and DVR capability with micro switch controls right at your fingertips. The unique wireless camcorder system will record full motion video towards where the operator points the device and will also recordcrisp clear audio from approx. 30 feet (depending on background noise).

  • The video is stored on a Micro SD flash memory card
  • Easy play back on your PC via USB or Flash Cardreader, no additional software required
  • Unique high-tech lens that performs exceptionally well in low light conditions
  • High frequency microphone for greater audio distance capability (up to 30ft)
  • Also has still photo capability
  • Rechargeablebattery will hold power duration for just under approx. 90 minutes
  • 4GB Micro SD memory card suggested, up to a 32GB Micro SD card is supported
  • Full 1 year warranty