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Broco® ENFORCER™ Door Ram

Broco® ENFORCER™ Door Ram

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Broco® series one-man door rams are engineered for rapid forced entry by tactical teams and first responders. The ENFORCER™ breaches most residential doors within one to two seconds, and forces open doors with as many as seven different bolts, locking systems, and chains. Full-sized ram is 24" in length and weighs 38 lbs, shown in front of image; Baby ram is 16" in length and weighs 25 lbs, shown in back of image.

ENFORCER™ ram features unique design ergonomics to maximize striking impact while maintaining a neutral wrist position throughout the arc of the Breacher's swing. The ENFORCER™ ram can be thrown overhand, underhand or from the side using a natural motion that derives energy from the hips and shoulders as well as the arms. Users find it's like swinging a baseball bat or throwing a punch.

Broco® ENFORCER™ Door Ram features:

  • Weight forward design is thrown in front of the Breacher to maximize impact from hips and shoulders
  • Hits like larger traditional rams
  • Reach-through handle for easy one-arm carry, keeping the Breacher's weapon hand free
  • Chrome carbide hardfaced impact edge that prevents wear
  • Fixed rear handle prevents rear wrist from rolling upon impact
  • Rotating front handle maintains proper front wrist alignment throughout arc of the swing
  • Knurled rubber non-slip grips
  • Balanced sling point. Sling has quick release snap shackle
  • Comfortable shoulder carry
  • Welded 1" steel knuckle guard protects hand from door jambs