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Cobra Cuffs

Cobra Cuffs

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COBRA CUFFs are an entire new chapter in the book of disposable restraining devices!  They are so far ahead of other flex-cuff style products available. Image shows 1 set of cuffs folded and 1 set of cuffs opened.

  • Quickly subdue suspects with easy to use Cobra Cuffs.
  • Once deployed, the Cobra loop automatically opens and makes synching the loops around the wrist extremely effortless.
  • Riveted straps provide extra leverage to control prisoners.
  • Double-Lock helps reduce liability due to accidental over-tightening common with standard zip ties.
  • Disposable - Reduce transfer of disease with a clean cuff each time.
  • Made of engineered polymers that are strong and UV resistant.
  • Assembled tensile strength: up to 300+ lbs
  • Patented, made by MilSpec Plastics

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