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Torrey Pines T12V Thermal Sight

Torrey Pines T12V Thermal Sight

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Last of the affordable Torrey Pines Thermal Sights. Perfect for hunters, law enforcement or self defense. These see what standard night vision can't. They see body heat, thru foliage, fog or smoke. With a battery life of over 8 hours on a standard CR123 they are economical to run and have long reliable life that won't let you down.

These have been discontinued but still carry a full 2-year factory warranty.  Offer limited to items in stock only. Hurry, when these are gone, they are gone. 

80x60 picels FLIR Lepton core.
8.33 degree field of view
Effective past 200 yards
Frame rate 9Hz
3X Magnification!!!
Your choice of 4 Disply Colors (white hot, black hot, green hot & color)
1.6" long
1" wide
Weighs 63 grams
Picatinny and Tripod mount

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