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EMPI Tec Torch™ Kit

EMPI Tec Torch™ Kit

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The Tec Torch provides tactical cutting power, anytime, anywhere at jet temperatures of 5400°F with a 1 to 2 second burn time.   The Tec Torch is small, light and easily carried on a tactical vest.  It is waterproof and submersible. Until recently, the EMPI Tec Torch™ Handheld breaching tool was available only to the elite ranks of the military.  (TEC - Thermal Erosion Cutting)

Purchases are strictly limited to Law Enforcement agencies using a departmental purchase order.  Subject to HazMat shipping restrictions - additional costs may apply.

- Basic kit includes the handle, 4 cartridges, instructional DVD, manual, in a hard-sided case.
- Carbon X gloves are required to fire the Tec Torch
- Handle has illuminated arming switch and side fire switch
- Optional additional parts include 6-foot extension, 4-way splitter, claw clip, cartridges and cartridge case.
- Budget 1 cartridge for each officer assigned to breaching as a training cartridge.
- Patent pending.  PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY with strict adherence to the operation and safety manual.

Please contact us with any questions prior to placing an order.