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DiamondBack Tactical Synergy™ Vest (II and IIIA)

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Synergy™ Vest - High Performance Armor Designs

Synergy™ provides light-weight, special threat performance - it is the industry’s first triple-compliant, high performance concealable vest. The Synergy™ is a hybrid designed vest that is NIJ .06 certified for lightweight performance and ultra flexibility, and tested to the rigorous requirements of the DEA and FBI protocols.  The NIJ-compliant Level II, and triple-compliant Level IIIA both provide protection against a variety of known threats, which makes it ideal for law enforcement and tactical operations. For a full-spectrum threat stopper, the Synergy™ allows you to perform your job without worrying about performance or comfort.

Features include:

  •  0101.06, DEA protocol, FBI protocol)
  • Level II performance tested to the NIJ Standard-0101.06
  • Available in male and female designs
  • Heat-sealed, waterproof fabric cover provides protection against sweat and bodily fluids
  • Compatible with all DBT concealable and tactical outer carriers
  • 5 year warranty period

Pricing varies with options and sizes, use the Contact Us link or call 248-787-4292 for more detailed information and pricing