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Wolfcom 3rd Eye LE Camera (Body and In-Car)

Wolfcom 3rd Eye LE Camera (Body and In-Car)

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The Wolfcom 3rd Eye is a multi-functional, multi-purpose Law Enforcement tool that can be used as a standalone video recorder, as an In-Car video system, or attached to a police radio to use as both a body camera and speaker microphone with PTT function. An officer can use the 3rd Eye to record 1080p quality video, photograph crime scenes, record audio statements, peek around corners, and use the GPS feature to tag locations of tossed objects during a pursuit. The 3rd eye records up to 17 hours of video, 500 hours of audio, and 20,000 photos. Built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery with plenty of battery life for an entire shift. The battery can be charged by a computer's USB port, a wall charger, or a cigarette lighter in the vehicle. Once fully charged, the unit can retain its charge for 7 days or more.

Features include:

  • 1080P Full HD Color Video Camera with GPS and H.264 AVC (Advance Video Coding) - Record up to 60 FPS and up to 17 hours
  • 16 Megapixel Digital Camera with GPS - Photograph evidence on the spot with GPS Geotag
  • Audio Voice Recorder - Record victim or witnesses statements. Record suspect interrogations.
  • Use As a PVR Body Camera with GPS - Use the Wolfcom 3rd Eye as a personal video recorder
  • 2 Way Radio Integration with GPS - Can replace your speaker mic so you have no extra equipment to carry
  • Use as an In-Car Camera System with GPS - With 120 degrees field of view you'll capture everything
  • Night Vision Capability in both video and digital camera mode
  • Location Tagging During A Pursuit - Remembers where drugs or weapons were tossed
  • Evidence Gathering with GPS - Use The Wolfcom 3rd Eye to document crime scenes, vandalism and more
  • Automatic GPS Time and Date Synchronization - Let the built-in GPS accurately set your time and date
  • 2" LCD Screen with Instant Playback - Instantly playback audio, video or photos
  • HDMI Connect To HD TV to instantly playback audio, video or photos on an HD TV
  • Screen Capture - Turn that video image into a photo image
  • One Touch Record (OTR) - Press 1 switch to begin recording
  • 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens - Capture all of the action, not just part of it!
  • Switch Instantly From Body Camera To In-Car Camera - Use 1 unit for both a PVR and an In-Car Video Recorder
  • 360 Degree In-Car Camera Mount - Suspect behaving badly in the back seat? Get them on video.
  • 32 GB Of Memory - Record Over 17 hours of video, 20,000 photos, or 500 hours of audio
  • 7 Day Standby Time and 6 to 12 Hour Battery - Built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery.  About 6 hours of continuous nonstop video recording and an average of 12 hours of regular use.

Up to $100 of accessories will be included, including in-car kits, mounting kits, clips, leather case, and USB cables, while supplies last. Specify accessories via email using the Contact Us link above.