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Broco® Jimmy Pry Bar

Broco® Jimmy Pry Bar

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The Broco 'Jimmy' is a personal tactical pry bar. The 'Jimmy' is strong, made from heat-treated hardened steel. The cord-wrapped grip has a high density foam underlayment for comfort and dexterity. The 'Jimmy' is ideal for creating that first gap in a security door or gate to make way for a Halligan or other entry tool, and maintain the gap when other tools need to be reset. It can also be used to pry interior doors, force windows and transoms, lift flanges, break glass and punch holes.

Broco's 'Jimmy' is easy to carry and easy to use. It's not just for breachers, everyone should carry a Broco 'Jimmy.'


  • 10-1/2 inches long
  • 5/8 inch wide angled tip
  • weighs less than half a pound
  • slides into the Molle on an operator's vest
  • withstands more than 400 lbs force without the handle bending or breaking