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Whacker Tool

Whacker Tool

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The WHACKER Tool from Weddle Tool Company performs multiple breaching and rescue operations in a powerful ONE-PERSON tool.  The 4.5 lb solid bronze bi-directional slide hammer combined with a drop forged 1-piece steel bar provide the ultimate in stregth and durability.  The newly designed Spoon Breaching Tip and Multipurpose Fork provide breaching for doors, windows, deadbolts, padlocks and more.  The J-Hook has ripping and cutting functionality while the Multipurpose Fork provides breaching, K-Tool, and gas/water shut offs.  Weighing a total of 11.5 lbs and 37" in length, the Whacker is an excellent tool for Fire/Rescue, Police and Military operations.  All Whacker tools feature a built in Carabineer Hook and a Quick-Release Slide Hammer Lock.  Patent Pending and Proudly Made in the USA!