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Cejay Glo Wand (6″)

Cejay Glo Wand (6″)

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Cejay Glo Wands are a lightweight, durable, ecologically friendly, battery powered chemical-light replacement.  Glo Wands are reusable and can be turned ON/OFF as needed without accidental activations.  Can be used to mark secured/unsecured rooms.  The IR Glo Wand can be used during clearing operations while on NVG/NOD.  Available in 4" and 6".

Specify color: Amber/Yellow, Blue, Green, IR, Red or White (Image shows 4" Red and 6" Green)

Features include:

  • Water resistant to 150'.
  • Weight - 1.2 ounce with batteries
  • Size (6 Inch) - 8" x 0.75" x 0.75"
  • ON/OFF - Rotate End Cap
  • Battery - 3 x A76 Alkaline Batteries